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Glamping and RVing – is it the same?

November 16, 2020

There has been once a time while camping conjured up images of trudging through the backcountry, backpacks slung over tired shoulders while keeping an eye fixed for bears.

Some would possibly nevertheless argue that roughing it with tents and dozing baggage is the real manner to camp, however long past are the days where that’s your handiest choice.

Now, glamping has come into the highlight, with cool web sites set up in beautiful locations from Joshua Tree countrywide Park to Yellowstone, Zion, and beyond. It’s a budding industry that’s suddenly exploding and could be worth $4.8 billion through 2025, in keeping with Grand View Research.

But what is glamping?

Glamping at night

It is a type of camping, using tents and other kinds of accommodation, facilities, etc. that are more comfortable and expensive than those usually used for camping.”

The concept behind this phenomenon is that more people can now experience the outdoors without first learning how to build a fire, assemble a tent or tie up a bear bag. The trend is growing at a time when camping has never been more popular.

The range of camping households in the U.S. now numbers 78.8 million, according to the 2019 North American Camping Report. In addition, the 2020 report showed that nearly 4 in 10 campers say they want to try glamping, with 1 in 3 prospective campers saying the same thing.

Glamping suggests it’s possible to access a stunning region while taking part in a swanky stay. You’ll might need bug spray but will still have a much better chance of getting a good night’s rest.

Glamping excursion

Yes, most of us still appreciate the great outdoors—from a distance. But just because we love reading nature quotes and staring out the window at our own backyard doesn’t mean we’ll jump at the opportunity to rough it in the woods for a weekend. After all, taking a chance on Mother Nature is a serious business. Is it really?

Nowadays, you can easily enter glamping, RVing.  The glamping trends are attempting to make the outdoors a little more manageable for those who may balk at the idea of pitching a real camping tent.

They are outdoorsy without the hassle of putting up a tent or discomfort of sleeping on the ground. And no need to worry how much ice is in the cooler — that’s what the fridge is for.

Camping can now involve creature comforts such as air conditioning, plush mattresses, outlets for charging devices, and, if lucky enough, a Wi-Fi router or TV.

And you can still wake early, before the sun, and listen to nature, just as in a real tent, on a hard ground next to a bonfire.

Growing appeal

Glamping, like a platform for nature-based luxury stays, has experienced record-breaking growth in the months since May, partially inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to safely get away from it all.

People are really starting to appreciate glamping because it is that real mix of waking up in the forest or waking up in the middle of the mountains with a warm cup of coffee — without having to pick woods for a fire.

With RV or stick glamping, everything is kind of set up.

An RV revolution

RV at hight

RVing represents the 46 million Americans who say they’ll hit the road with recreational vehicles in the next 12 months, according to research from Ipsos.

An RVs normally have a separate bedroom, hot shower, homey kitchen, oven, fireplace, even theater TV with lazy boy chairs. And if that is not enough, they all have one very cool feature, wheels, they all move from one more beautiful place to another.

Imagine having your own glamping cabin, but this one drives you whenever you feel like moving. In some states, you can swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon.

In just one week, you can visit so many different places that require writing an entirely new blog just to list all the names and beautiful places you can visit across the country. And this ain’t a secret anymore.

Americans are seeking RVs in record numbers amid social distancing and coronavirus concerns associated with air travel and hotels. Recreational vehicle shipments reached a four-decade high in July with more than 43,000 units shipped, an increase of 53% compared with July 2019 (RV Industry Association survey).

People are discovering or re-discovering camping in RVs this year, finding joy in visiting stunning natural destinations, fishing, and hiking along the way.

This new subset of RV travelers may also be here to stay.

Modern-day exploration

Early explorers relied on the stars to navigate to find out what was out there. While this is long gone, there is still room for improvement. And here is one cool RVing tool to assist you with modern lifestyle expeditions: The RV Manager App (Fun and efficient RV managing platform).


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