The finest ‘co-pilot’ for all your RV needs


  • 700+ Checklist reminders
  • 350+ Inventory items
  • 100+ Daily Tasks
  • Documents, Repairs, Costs, Fuel, Routes, Crew…
  • iPhone, iPad, iWatch (Android soon)
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Fun and efficient RV managing platform

The ultimate app for self-proclaimed Captains, for the Co-pilots known as a spouse, and for Crew members known as kids.



(as free)

  • 250+ Pre-loaded Checklists
  • 30+ Pre-loaded Tasks / Day Plans
  • 110+ Pre-loaded Inventory Items
  • Repairs – 2 per day
  • Costs – 2 per day
  • Documents – 2 per day
  • Routes – 2 per day
  • Fuel tracking – 2 per day
  • Contacts – 2 per day
  • iOS only, Android is coming soon




  • 700+ Pre-loaded Checklists
  • 100+ Pre-loaded Tasks / Day Plans
  • 350+ Pre-loaded Inventory Items
  • Repairs management
  • Costs tracking
  • Documents at hand
  • Routes tracking
  • Fuel tracking
  • Contacts management
  • iOS only, Android is coming soon

People’s comments while testing the RV app

They really thought of everything….I love it…

Perfect, finally, a must to have organizer for RVing.

Once you try it, you can never go on without it.

F. A. Q

Do you wanna know what RV Manager App knows

RV Manager App

The ultimate RV Management platform for online and offline days.

Perfect organizing solution for RV’s, RVing, RVers, or anyone you wish to connect to your RV lifestyle.

Currently is iOS platform but the Android version is well underway. We will keep you posted about the progress.

For fun and professional RVing.

Daily Log

Your RV life, fully cataloged, organized, backed-up, and accessible from anywhere; online and offline!

Review daily activities, progress bar, notifications,…

Having a full Data Log of all activities, improvements, checklists, tasks, items,…is very valuable data for all users as well as great value at the point of a resale (data is transferable).


OK, the app is fluent in 700+ check reminders for easy, safe and relaxed departing, arriving, and camping.

Categories: from wintering, days before RVing, at departure, on the road, at arriving, at camping, how to,…to indoor, outdoor, motor, electric, trailer, inspections for buying new or used RV, and much more …

*Simply add your checklists, or modify and delete ours. But in any case; you are all set and ready to go.

*checklists are contribution of www.changingears.com



It already remembers 350+ items in great details (unlimited capacity). It also knows how to set the minimum item alarms, add or subtract quantities, pinpoint the micro-locations, add pictures, export PDF’s, and much more…

Category examples: indoor, outdoor, kitchen, miscellaneous items, provisions, tools, main bedroom and bath, medical kit, recreation supplies, emergency gear, pets and more.

*If you cannot handle its heavy load it is very easy to delete, modify or add your own items. There is nothing to be a freight off 🙂


Day Planner / Task Management

It is skilled to quickly assign serioues tasks or fun and interactive obligations.

The Day Plan is also pre-loaded with day to day recurrent tasks, to get you app going in no time.



Know where your money goes. Have fun doing bookkeeping. Have prompt overview. You know…

*Scan and monitor expenses, with auto currency exchange, and export data in accountant ready format – PDF, CSV.

The Repairs module is a smart photo note tracking & management.
Simply find the repair that needs an intention, take a picture of it, name the repair, add a note, schedule a task, and voila 😉
*such records are of great value…
Have all documents accessible and organized.
Set expiration alarms, like for fire extinguisher certificates, or appliances data, warranties, etc.
Other Modules

 You really wanna know more? O c’mon, the app is free, give it a try.

*Just in a case you need a push, here is the link to the download page: www.applestore.com (release date: October 2020)

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